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World Ocean Day to be celebrated

Artisanal fishers on an Indonesian beach.
The United Nations Organization (UN) will celebrate on Tuesday 8 June World Ocean Day under the theme ‘Our oceans: opportunities and challenges’.The UN General Assembly instituted this celebration from 2009, by its resolution 63/111, issued 5 December, 2008.

The resolution calls upon user States and States bordering straits used for international navigation to continue their cooperation through agreements on issues related to safety of navigation, including aids to navigation safety and the prevention, reduction and control of pollution from ships.

It called on countries to consider becoming members of the International Hydrographic Organization, and urges all States to cooperate with that organisation to increase the coverage of hydrographic information worldwide.

The purpose of these orders is to strengthen technical assistance and promote safety of navigation, especially in areas used for international navigation, ports and vulnerable or protected marine areas.

“The oceans play a fundamental role in our daily lives. They are an integral part of sustainable development and an important frontier for research. As scientists explore the oceans to increasing depths, they continue to discover new forms of marine life,” said The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moo.

“These investigations have great potential with regards to the improvement of human welfare. But if we are to benefit fully from what the oceans have to offer, we must address the harmful effects of human activities. The diversity of life in the oceans is under increasing pressure, “he added.

For Ki-moo, the marine environment is facing three major threats:
* The overexploitation of living marine resources; * Climate change; * Pollution from activities involving materials and hazards. “The same applies to the increase in criminal activities, including piracy, which have serious implications for safety of navigation and the protection of seafarers,” he noted.

As part of the program to mark World Oceans Day, the UN secretary-general will give a message to attendees and there will be a roundtable discussion on the enforcement of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) some 15 years ago and its operational effectiveness.

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